Think Differently: Einstien vs Obama Care

Einstein said “We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking We Use When We Created Them” and if you want to change the direction of your pain (or health) you have to adopt a different way of thinking. Period. Today’s paradigm of healthcare DOES NOT WORK for today’s health problems. The current healthcare system is designed to save lives…

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Rocky Balboa

“It’s Too Expensive? Weigh the Cost Vs Value”

I know that most of us have grown up hearing this phrase, I know that I did. In fact, I know that it became a habit in my household so much so, that I’ve spent years “deprogramming” this out of my vocabulary. Habits are something that your body does without thinking, it’s a pattern that takes on a life of…

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Before You Leave for the Long Weekend

After every long weekend that we have I get the same results at my office. You have a great time all weekend at the river, beach, or even at home BBQing with your friends, only to wake up the day after with a your neck or back pain returning.  My office fills up with last minute call-in and walk-in visits….

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What causes food intolerances?

Why is it that the body reacts to certain common foods?  Symptoms such as weight gain, sore muscles, achiness, headaches, hives, skin rashes, gastrointestinal (GI) upset (gas, bloating, heartburn), constipation and/or diarrhea are all indications that someone may have allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities to food.  These symptoms have all been observed in those with food reactions.  Sometimes the reactions are…

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Dealing with stress

The 91 Freeway West, on Monday backed up and sitting traffic, late for work with about of couple thousands my closest friends doing the same. Now the 91 crush is nothing new to me. I have been dealing with it for several years now and a good majority of the time I just pass it by. I live in Norco,…

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