Auto Accident

Auto Accidents occur every 5 seconds in this country, of the injuries suffered 2/3 ,(yes, 2/3) will become permanent. If you were in a accident and are experiencing any symptoms get them properly and thoroughly checked out today. Commonly after an accident symptoms such as, neck pain, headache, and back pain may occur. In more severe cases you may experience electrical pain, burning, and numbness the arms and/or legs, do not wait for this to go away on its own.

Other serious symptoms that most people don’t associate with an trauma are dizziness, digestive issues, insomnia, ringing in the ear, changes in mood or appetite, fatigue, balance issues, anxiety, and forgetful. These may be signs of a serious underlying problem. Because we have been Certified in Whiplash and Spinal Trauma we are one of a handful a doctors that can help clear your symptoms so you don’t have to live with them the rest of your life.

We’ve successfully treated thousands of cases just like yours with great results. Call today if you want an expert on your side 714-777-2500