NO RISK! That’s what we’re all looking for, aren’t we? We know that no matter how good the doctor is you may be wondering, “Is this right for me?” “I’ve been to other doctors and they haven’t helped”… or worse yet, “the doctor didn’t listen to what your real problems were”. You felt like you were just a number… just a name on a clipboard to be checked off before they can see the next patient. And you walked out with the same information you could’ve easily googled in a fraction of the time, and at no cost. Arrggh!!

As you sit there, reading this, you might be wondering, “but what’s the alternative?”

Our goal at Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic is to take the risk out of it for you, and get you the results that you really want. That’s exactly why we’ve created our IRON CLAD Money Back Guarantee.

When you come in as a new patient you will receive:

1. A complete and thorough medical history
2. A complete physical exam that includes:
• Spinal Exam
• Postural Assessment
• Orthopedic Examination
• Neurological Examination
3.  X-Rays (if necessary)

In Addition, after the examination and x-rays you will receive:

1. A complete Report of Findings by the doctor explaining, in plain language, what is going on with you.
2. If appropriate, we will make recommendations for you to follow to get the best results that you choose.
3. If we find that we are unable to help you, we will refer you to someone who can.

After you receive all of this, and your first treatment, if you don’t feel 100% confident that we can help you with your problems, or you waited too long, or the doctor didn’t seem to “know his stuff”, or you don’t like the colors in the office, or you’re not satisfied for ANY REASON AT ALL, we will refund your money AND you keep your x-rays and copies of your records (by law we have to keep a copy, too).

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally get a rid of what’s ailing you and back to feeling young again? And what if you did feel absolutely great again?, what will you do?

We are so confident in what we do and the results that we can get for you (as we’ve gotten for thousands of patients), that we are willing to take all the risk and offer you this Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.

Our years of clinical results (some are really amazing) combined with our unique treatment style tells us that we can help. If we can’t help you, we don’t want to waste your time or money. We want you to get the best results possible, whether it’s in our office or not in our office.

Can you imagine how you’ll feel when all the risk is gone and there is nothing left but the benefits?

By now you already know that it all starts when you make your appointment now by calling 714.777.2500, so that you can start living the life you deserve.


See what others have had to say about Dr. J

“Dr J was able to do in 6 weeks that other Doctors couldn’t do in 12 years”
Jamie Coleman

“Dr Janeshak helped me lower my cholesterol 100 points in only 10 days! I have the lab test to prove it…my Doctor couldn’t believe it”
Lindy Clark

“My 9 year old son was scheduled for brain surgery at UCLA for a seizure disorder, 2 weeks with Dr Janeshak and we cancelled the surgery, off medications, and seizure free UNBELIEVABLE results. Today, he is a normal healthy child”
Mrs Serrano (Richard’s Mom)

“My in vitro doctor wanted me to remove my thyroid to help me get pregnant, when I told Dr J he begged me not to. He explained how the the thyroid worked and what we can do
naturally to get the same result. I did the lab work with Dr J and implemented his protocols and in 1 month I had perfect lab results…I haven’t had those in years.Today, I’m in the process of expanding my family, with my thyroid in tact…Thank you Dr J”
Jennifer Zapata

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