Nutrition / Functional Medicine

If nutrition is something that you are looking for you’ll be excited to know that we practice “functional medicine”. Functional Medicine doctors are not merely nutritional counselors or dietitians. We are experts in both nutrition and physiology, we get results when medicine fails. This is the answer for those of you that have struggled with Losing Weight despite diet and exercise, blood sugar issues, fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, food allergies, adrenal fatigue, and even hormone imbalances.

How we Do it

We use blood tests, hormone panels, and other specialized test in order to find the cause of your issues. This means you get a specific, effective solution to your problems. Because we use physiological testing and science means that we can detect what exactly is your issue  (or issues) and fix it, permanently.

Many people still think diet is as simple as “calories in vs calories out” . If that were really the case you wouldn’t be have the problems you have today, would you? The fact is, human physiology is a complicated and dynamic system. Trying to figure it out on your own would be impossible. Most doctors don’t have a full grasp on the details needed to properly treat you. We’ve spent years learning so you get the results you need.

Functional Medicine or Functional Nutrition is the hottest trend in healthcare today. However, it’s not new to us, Dr Janeshak has been practicing this way long before it had a name. The research and technology has made us even better than we were before. The reason this is a hot topic is simply because of the results. People like you are sick of having to take medications to manage your symptoms, their sick of feeling like a victim, and their sick of being less than they could be.

The amazing results speak for themselves. Dr Oz calls functional medicine practitioners “the medical detectives” getting to the root of the problem. Call us now, to start feeling young again 714-777-2500